Sydney Airport

Jet-A1 fuel storage and aircraft hydrant refuelling system

Sydney Airport JUHI – Mascot, NSW

Following two years of negotiation, on 24 May 1990 R.M.Norton & Associates Pty Ltd (now Norton Consultants) were awarded a design contract by the Shell Company of Australia Ltd for a new electrical power and control system for a major upgrade of the existing Jet-A1 fuel storage and aircraft hydrant refuelling system at Kingsford-Smith International Airport, Sydney, New South Wales.

This work was to employ digital control technology developed by this company during the design and commissioning of the new Brisbane Domestic Airport JUHI facility (also for the Shell Company of Australia) completed just two years prior. The technology developed for Brisbane Airport JUHI included PLC-based automatic pipeline transfer from remote bulk storage to apron storage, servo tank gauging for product inventory and custody transfer requirements and a comprehensive graphical PC-based SCADA system for depot operations.

In the late 1980’s, the accepted means to control fuel hydrant pumping systems at major airports world-wide was to use a Quadrina Hydrant Pump Controller. This dedicated transistor-based control system was developed in the UK for installation at London Heathrow Airport and comprised a large floor-standing console fitted with a peg-board and chart recorder to control and monitor hydrant pump selection. In Australia this system was installed at both Brisbane Airport and Perth Airport to control the hydrant pumps at these sites.

For the Sydney JUHI hydrant pipeline system, Norton Consultants developed hydraulic system curves and were responsible for defining the fuel pump characteristics to ensure stability and shared flow over the multi pump installation although the remaining mechanical design was carried out in-house by Shell. Our electrical & instrumentation system (E&I) design scope included a new Main Switchboard/MCC and dual-redundant HV supply system, fire pump MCC and controls, emergency power supply, an airside emergency stop system with remote monitoring of each button, road tanker loading and unloading and a fully-redundant integrated depot control and monitoring system based upon Yokogawa’s uXL DCS platform. This was the first time such a system had been used for airport hydrant pump control and, as a testament to our design methodology, operated flawlessly for more than 15 years before being upgraded in 2007.

Norton Consultants responsibilities extended to all electrical and control system design works at this site , included a the first fully computerised hydrant pipeline leak detection system installed in Australia. The Sydney JUHI control system remains one of our landmark projects and has been fully supported by Norton Consultant’s engineers since commissioning and hand-over 25 years ago.