Critical Power and Control Systems

Essential Systems

Building upon many decades of engineering expertise in the development of high-availability power and control systems infrastructure for the aviation sector where a lack of fuel supply can mean significant costs for the operators and a very upset travelling public, Norton Consultants apply our unique methodology to the design, review and commissioning of essential power solutions for critical infrastructure.

These reviews typically encompass all parts of a facility from the incoming mains supply and standby power system to the operation of PLC/SCADA and manual fall-back controls to determine the resilience of existing systems architecture and guide processes and procedures to ensure operations are restored as quickly as possible both during and after a disaster (natural or man-made) or other emergency event.

Examples of existing power and control system failings we commonly see include:

  • Paralleled standby generators connected to a common fuel system
  • Disparate control systems failing to interoperate under emergency conditions
  • Over-reliance on redundancy increasing complexity and cost whilst decreasing reliability and situational awareness
  • Switchroom fire protection that is either inadequate, slow to operate or non-existent

Don’t let this be true at your site!

Critical power systems developed by Norton Consultants include a wide range of battery-backed solar panel (remote area power supply) and, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in various redundancy arrangements and both standby and base-load generation providing a permanent power solution anywhere power outage could cause significant loss of income and customer inconvenience.

Services offered

Our range of services in this field include:

  • Scoping and determination of continuity and supply requirements.
  • Participation in HAZID, HAZOP, CHAZOP and Cybersecurity audits
  • Negotiations with both Supply Authorities and equipment providers on the client’s behalf.
  • Equipment selection, detailed design, specification and optimisation of the entire LV power and control system to achieve the greatest up-time at the lowest cost.

Allowances are made in all of our designs for ease of future expansion and for the provision of standby power systems.

Using our tried and tested methodology we work with your team to examine and analyse risks to your power and control systems and devise solutions to ensure increased fault-tolerance and reliability across a wide range of disaster scenarios.

Please contact us discuss how we can assist you with your critical power and control system requirements.