Power Systems

Essential Power Systems

Norton Consultants have many decades of engineering expertise in the provision of stand-by and high-availability essential power solutions for critical infrastructure.

Building upon experienced developed for the ANZ Bank HIT project in 1999, power systems developed by Norton Consultants include a wide range of battery-backed solar panel (remote area power supply) and, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in various redundancy arrangements and both standby and base-load generation systems providing a permanent power solution anywhere power outage could cause significant loss of income and customer inconvenience.

Services offered

Our range of services in this field include:

  • Scoping and determination of continuity and supply requirements.
  • Negotiations with both Supply Authorities and equipment providers on the client’s behalf.
  • Equipment selection, optimisation, detailed design, and specification, of the entire LV power system to achieve the greatest up-time at the lowest cost.

Allowances are made in all of our designs for ease of future expansion and for the provision of standby power systems.

Please contact us discuss how we can assist you with your essential power system project.