Bulk Fuel Handling

Bulk Fuel Handling

Over the last two decades Norton Consultants have been at the forefront in developing modern electrical control systems for the bulk fuel handling industry  –  from tank farms and service stations to Australia’s major airports.

These projects all involve initial concept design in consultation with the client, management and coordination of specialised equipment, detailed design and preparation of final documentation, project management and commissioning.

Specific projects have included:

  • Tank farm automation under PLC/SCADA control.
  • Bottom-loading gantries for both road and rail with a variety of additive and security systems.
  • Centralised control systems for large terminals including inventory monitoring and custody transfer systems.
  • L.P.G. bulk storage reception, storage and outloading – by both tanker vehicle and pipeline.
  • Remote control/monitoring schemes for attended and unattended facilities including gas cloud monitors, personnel security and rapid response procedures.
  • High resolution, IP-approved, pipeline leak detection, overfill and break suction protection systems at selected sites.

In many cases, Norton Consultants has been among the first to select leading-edge automation technology from a number of different suppliers including ABB, Siemens, Rockwell Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Mitsubishi and others to produce integrated control systems matched to the client’s precise process requirements.  This has resulted in decreased installation and commissioning time and increased plant throughput with operator control delivered on-time and within budget.

Note: Norton Consultants do not ‘push’ clients into purchasing particular brands of equipment, but will recommend only products best suited to the clients’ application.

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