Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport JUHI – Brisbane QLD

The aircraft hydrant refuelling system at Brisbane International Airport, Queensland, including supply pipeline connections, fuel storage and controls connecting Brisbane JUHI’s Hakea Street and Lomandra Drive Depots to Shell’s Pinkenba Terminal, was originally designed, installed and commissioned by Norton Consultants Pty Ltd (as R. M. Norton and Associates Pty Ltd) in time for Brisbane’s World Expo in 1988.

In June 2003, Norton Consultants Pty Ltd were awarded a contract by Shell Aviation to install and commission a Hansa TCS Hydrant Leak Detection system at the Brisbane JUHI (Hakea Street) Depot. The new leak detection system and associated controls were to fully integrate with, and improve on, the existing SCADA system and controls. From a history of successful CitectSCADA solution rollouts within Australia and with specialist knowledge of the operation and installation of hydrant refuelling systems, Norton Consultants Pty Ltd were ideally positioned to undertake this landmark project which resulted in us winning a Citect Regional Excellence Award (VIC) For Best Practise in Innovation.

Successfully commissioned in March 2004, and upgraded again in 2010, this new Ethernet-based hydrant control system provides fully redundant operation through the use of Schneider Electric CitectSCADA and Modicon TSX Quantum PLC systems.