ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank – Melbourne, VIC

In association with Bovis Lend Lease, Norton Consultants co-ordinated the relocation of two 1030kVA generating sets from a basement plant room to other sites.  Both sets were partially disassembled to facilitate removal from the plant room and both were fitted with acoustic enclosures to suit outdoor applications.

One unit was fitted with a radiator, base fuel tank and placed adjacent to a building and provides 100% essential power to the site.  The other set was refitted with a heat exchanger, elevated to the 15th floor of a city building and integrated with existing plant.

The building’s power system was upgraded to accept power from the increased capacity generator.  The buildings’ automation system, security system and power system were all upgraded to accept the new standby power generator.

  • Relocation of one 275kVA set from an existing building installation to a new building installation. The new installation required a new essential transfer switch and upgrading the existing fuel system for both an existing and the new set.
  • Removal of a 150kVA standby set and replacement with a new 875kVA standby set. The building power system was also upgraded to supply all the tenancy areas with essential power. A basement to roof fuel delivery system was also installed as part of the project.

Norton Consultants provided full design, documentation and re-commissioning of electrics, LV distribution and controls; relocation specifications for all equipment and on-site supervision and commissioning.